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Telephoto Lens in Smartphone Photography

I recently purchased a telephoto lens for my HTC One Max. My man Tony Busko had shared the lens he found in the Smartphone Photographers Community previously. Originally, I didn’t have much interest in these lenses, but seeing the price was roughly $20, I figured it was worth trying. Glad I tried it out.

First off, the lens is from some generic Asian company. The box literally says “mobile phone telescope.” Very nondescript. No dimensions or instructions found anywhere within the packaging. The device comes with a spring-loaded bracket which attaches onto your smartphone up to 2.5-inches in width. This had me concerned as my One Max is larger than that (3.2 inches). Fortunately, it fits. . .snugly.



The size of the 8x zoom lens is relative to the size of a desktop computer mouse. So know you will not walk around with this lens and phone in your pocket. It will have to be carried separately. Attaching the lens is quick and easy with the spring loaded bracket. The lens is threaded on on end to allow you to securely screw the lens onto the bracket.







Ok. The photos. I took a few and the 8x zoom is pretty impressive.  The zoom you’re thinking of isn’t mechanical or digital. It’s already set at 8x when you attach it. You just have to adjust the focus on it, by winding the lens left or right. You’ll see some comparison shots to see the difference in zoom versus not having it attached to my smartphone. The lens does give you a “tunnel vision” look when attached, but that can easily be cropped out in post processing of your photo.

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For the price. The lens or any telephoto lens is worth it in my opinion. One can get more creative shots with it attached. I do advise on using a tripod if you have one. The focus has to be perfect and any movement can distort the shot. The tripod can aid in the focus and keeping the camera steady. I have a small tripod that seems to work just fine from Wal-Mart.  Check it out here.

I look forward to getting more time with the telephoto lens. I prefer to have some nice weather and not fight the elements. But I do have some ideas for this attachment. Thanks for reading.



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    Can’t wait to see some more shots

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