Smartphone Photography For A Great Cause

Community moderator Michael Portis recently shared charitable information regarding smartphone photography. No, not the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge he proposed to a few of us, but Donate a Photo. Check out the information in his video below. Thank you for sharing this, Mr. Portis.   Be sure to follow Michael Portis online. If you’re interested […]

Smartphone Photographers Community Intro: Boris Meretzki

Welcome to another Smartphone Photographers Community member introduction. I’ve been hosting the Smartphone Photographers Community on Google+ for over a year now and it’s been great to see the makeup of the members. We have some from the east, from the west, from “north of the border” and even “across the pond.” In this post, […]

Explore! Point and Shoot Auqgust 7, 2014

It’s really easy to take candid shots with your smartphone camera. Selfies are done by almost everyone. Even cats. But what about taking your smartphone camera out for an exploration? You know, taking a gander ’round a-bout seeing beyond the reach of your current domain. This week’s challenge was based on “exploration.” We had some […]

Panoramic Defined: Point and Shoot July 3, 2014

This week we take a look at panoramic shots shared in our community challenge. Some great shots were submitted. The panel takes a closer look at the shots and discuss critiques. Great hangout on air. Ever heard of Handy Photo or Front-Back? These are some nice apps to try out with your smartphone photography. We […]

San Francisco Sunset By Ant Pruitt

Here’s one of the shots I grabbed while heading into the San Francisco airport. Seeing the sunset over the mountains and hills of northern California was a beautiful sight to see. Details of this shot: -Taken with the HTC One Max -Google Camera App and HDR mode. If I had not used the HDR mode, […]

Visual Tension: Point and Shoot June 27, 2014

In this week’s hangout on air, the Smartphone Photographers Community took a look at “grounded town” photography. This was a community challenge aimed to get the members outside and down on the ground to capture photographs. A lot of great shots were submitted and critiqued. The panel also discussed visual tension. Very interesting topic. Robert […]

Recent Community Favorite: Nicole H Featured

We have had some new members join the Smartphone Photographers Community recently. As usual, myself and other moderators carefully look at the profiles of users requesting community access. We do this to verify the requester is going to be good fit and not a spammer or “lookie-lou.” We’re happy to welcome all of our new […]

Golden Smartphone Photography: Point and Shoot May 29, 2014

What a great discussion on this week’s hangout on air with our Smartphone Photographers Community. This week we’re joined by members Deborah Walmer-Basembe, Robert Knight and Michael King. In this week’s hangout we share the submissions to the “airborne” photography as well as look at other highlighted photos shared in the community. Also, ever heard […]