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Split Tone Photography: Point and Shoot November 20, 2014

On the previous weekly hangout of Point and Shoot, members of the Smartphone Photographers Community gave a brief discussion on split tone photography. The panel openly admitted that capturing (and processing) split tone photography was rather challenging. I won’t go as far to say that, I’ll flat out tell you it was DADGUMIT HARD to pull off. Which really surprises me to see that I tallied the winning shot of our split tone challenge.

Below you’ll see a shot captured with my HTC One Max. How? First off, I had to lye down on the ground to make my man Mike Sweeney and Micheal King proud. Next I did some very minor touch up in Snapseed, the mobile photography editor just slightly adjusting brightness and contrast. Finally, I had to use GIMP on my desktop computer to complete the split tone process. Thanks to the the discussion last week and the power of Google, I was able to take the tutorial found here and use it as a guide. I can’t say I did exactly what the tutorial mentioned, but it was a helpful baseline. At any rate, it was a difficult process but fun to learn. Thank you for the votes, criticism and feedback!


Image credits Ant Pruitt

 This week the panel was hosted by Mr. Michael Portis. I am under the weather at the time of recording and felt that my mug shouldn’t be shown on camera much (if any). So Mr. Portis ran the hangout and I acted as his camera man. Thank you, sir.  We were joined by Michael King (click his name and follow him) as well as joined by Mike Sweeney (click his name to buy his great ebook.) Here’s the hangout video rerun for your enjoyment. Be sure to click the like and subscribe button. Be sure to share this post with your social media connections. If you’re interested in joining our community, click here to request an invite. Thanks for the support feedback!

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