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Smartphone Photographers Community Intro: Trudy Grossman

We’re a strong group in the Smartphone Photographers Community. And it all starts with the members. They’re folks from all over the world with varying skill sets and backgrounds.  I love it. Here’s an introduction to Trudy Grossman. Members are asked to complete a questionnaire that allows others to get to know them a little better. Here’s how Grossman responded to the member intro questionnaire.


What is your name? Trudy Grossman

Where are you from?  <not shared>

What is your current smartphone used for photography? (as of June 7, 2014)  Nexus 5

You know? It’s the smartphone that has all the tech pundits talking about how crappy the camera is. Whatever man, I’ve seen some good shots shared from that smartphone camera.


What are your hobbies or what else do you like to do for fun? Reading, sewing, gardening, walking in nature, cooking.

Walking in nature? I bet you get some great shots on your walks


What smartphone would you like to try for smartphone photography and why?  (as of June 7, 2014)  I have no idea!


What smartphone photograph you’ve captured is your favorite and why?  A sunrise where I was shooting through fog. Turned out better than I thought it would.


Here’s the shot. I look at it and want to take a deep breath in hopes I can get some of the fresh air this depicts.


Image credits  Trudy Grossman

It’s been nice seeing some of the shots shared by Grossman in the community and in her Google+ stream. Be sure you check out her profile by clicking here. Thank you for sharing some great smartphone photography, Trudy.

Thanks for reading this Smartphone Photographers Community member intro. If you’re curious to know more about the community, request an invite. We’re a community all about making you a better smartphone photographer and enjoy sharing great tips. Be sure to like and subscribe to the YouTube playlist to see our weekly hangout on air and discussions.

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