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Smartphone Photographers Community Intro: Michael Portis

In the Smartphone Photographers Community, I have taken pride in the shots that are shared as well as the knowledge. But what makes this all go ’round is the actual member base. I enjoy the members of the community and this post is another opportunity to share some background them. Community moderator Michael Portis completed the member intro questionnaire to give more information about himself. Let’s take a look at how he answered the questionnaire.


What is your name?  Michael Portis


Where are you from?  Modesto, CA

Yeah another Californian in the community that loves to brag about their lovely weather. I hate you guys.  <grins>


What is your current smartphone used for photography?  (as of 9/8/2014) iPhone 5s

Considering he goes by the name “A Black On A Mac,” him having the iPhone is a shocker.  #sarcasm


What are your hobbies or what else do you like to do for fun? I write silly things on the internet and I make jewelry. 

Yeah when are we gonna see some of those product shots, bro?!?!  We’re interested.


What smartphone would you like to try for photography and why? All of them! I love trying new phones, to see what each can do, and so I can make better recommendations to people.


What smartphone photograph you’ve captured is your favorite and why? anything that can be cropped to a good 16×9

Uh. . .what?  Anyway, since he didn’t have one to share, I’ll share one of my favorites from him. The fact that it’s a selfie in the 16:9 crop is pretty damn cool. And for the record, the 16:9 crop is now officially known as the “Portis Crop.”



Image credit Michael Portis

Thanks for being a part of the Smartphone Photographers Community, Mr. Portis. Your insight and comments are always appreciated. I also appreciate you moderating the community and hanging out on air giving us some funny stories and detailed critiques.  Be sure to follow him on his social media.

If you’re interested in joining the community, click here to request and invite. We’ll do a semi-background check to make sure you’ll be  a great fit for the community as we’re not just about sharing our photos, but also about sharing tips/tricks and knowledge to make everyone better smartphone photographers. Thanks!

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