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Rule of Thirds: Point and Shoot March 12, 2015


We have all heard of if in the world of photography, but do we truly understand what it is? The rule of thirds. That’s the topic of discussion this week on Point and Shoot with the Smartphone Photographers Community. The previous challenge winner proposed using the Rule of Thirds for this week’s community photo challenge. Lots of great shots shared. This week the hangout on air is hosted by Michael Portis.  I join him and Michael King. Be sure to click on their names to see their other online profiles and content.

Here’s the winning shot by Patrick Van Dyke using his HTC One M8. Great way of showing off the Rule of Thirds.


Image credit Patrick Van Dyke

Take a look at this week’s video re-run of the hangout on air. We also discuss the continued rise in popularity of smartphone photos uploaded to Flickr. Thanks for watching and sharing with others. Be sure to click the like and subscribe buttons.  If you’re interested in joining the Smartphone Photographers Community, ping me directly or go to the community and request an invite.


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