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Recent Community Favorite: Joseph Sukhbir

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard how bad the Nexus 5 camera is from tech pundits. Here in the Smartphone Photographers Community we don’t care to buy into that talk. As my man, Mike Sweeney has said many a times, the camera is just a box with a hole in it. What matters is how you maximize the camera hardware you have. This recent community favorite clearly maximizes the Nexus 5 hardware.  Check out the shot from Joseph Sukbhir.


Image credit Joseph Sukbhir 

The details as mentioned by Sukbhir, ” This morning. Edited online using the built in Google+ tools. Straightened, boosted saturation, sharpness and structure. Added a frame.”  I enjoy how this sunrise shot is dramatic with the darkness in the lower and right third wit sunlight creeping in slowly. Maybe some of the tech pundits should check out what Joseph Sukbhir produced with his Nexus 5. Nice shot, sir.

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