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Preview of Split Tone: Point and Shoot November 13, 2014

This week in the weekly hangout on air with the Smartphone Photographers Community, we did things slightly different. Myself, Michael King, Michael Portis and Mike Sweeney sat down to preview¬†the weekly community challenge. Split tone. Only this time, we didn’t look at any of the photos. Why? Because we extended the event another week due to a late start. Plus, some of us in the community didn’t really understand the challenge parameters

This week the challenge is split toning. Ever heard of it? The photography technique is rather intriguing and challenging to boot. Check out this week’s video discussion as we first show some examples of split tone found on the web as well as the nuances.

We also took a look back at some of the photos from last week. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified of next week’s hangout being posted.

One more thing, congrats to moderator Robert Knight as he and his wife are expecting.


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