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Light: Point and Shoot February 26, 2015


It is a well known fact that light makes a huge difference in your smartphone photography. So many smartphones tout being able to capture great photos in “low light.” Why? Because it’s insanely difficult to shoot in low light with optimal results. Even for a DSLR. Light makes a difference. On this week’s hangout on air, the Smartphone Photographers Community discusses light as it’s the theme of the photo challenge. The hangout panel includes: Terry Sutlick, Mike Sweeney, Robert Knight, Michael King and Michael Portis. Be sure to click on their names to see more of their work and social media information.

The winning shot of the challenge comes from Terry Sutlick using his Nexus 5 smartphone.



We also discuss Polarr. This is another FREE online photo editor that rivals the likes of Pixlr. This editor was brought to my attention as there’s Chrome Web App version that can be installed on Chromebooks or used within the Chrome Browser. Nice app.

Here’s the re-run of the hangout on air. Be sure to click that like and subscribe button to get these videos sent to you automatically. We have great discussions to make you a better smartphone photographer. If you’re interested in joining the community, click here to request an invite. Thanks for watching and sharing with others!

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