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Leading Lines: Point and Shoot December 11, 2014

We had a lot of fun this week in the Smartphone Photographers Community challenge. It really allowed us to think outside of the box. As proposed by community member Patrick Van Dyke, the challenge was called “Leading Lines.” A tough, yet fun challenge with a lot of community participation.

Hosting this week we have Mike Sweeney and I’m also joined by Michael King. Be sure to click their names to follow their social media connections. Both are iPhone users that take some great smartphone photographs.

Congrats to this week’s winner Terry Sutlick. He captured this cool shot from the Mall of America. He used his Nexus 5. I’ve previously discussed how I personally think the Nexus 5 takes some really great photos, regardless of what the tech pundits think.

Image credit Terry Sutlick

The idea of leading lines in shots gave us an opportunity for some great discussion. Check it out below in our hangout on air rerun. Be sure to click that “like” and “subscribe” button to see the content automatically in your feeds. Thanks!

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