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Holga Photography: Point and Shoot December 5, 2014

Holga photography. Boy what a tough challenge this was! The thing about holga photography being the topic of the weekly challenge allowed for the Smartphone Photographers Community dig deep into this type of photography and learn from the shots taken by other members. It was not an easy task, but it was great knowledge share.  Here’s the winning shot from Patrick Van Dyke taken with his HTC One M8.

Holga Photo Capture


This week in our hangout panel included moderators Michael King, Robert Knight and Mike Sweeney. Not only do we discuss the holga technique, but we also take a look at the use of HDR on the iPhone and other smartphone phones.

Robert Knight picked up the OnePlus One smartphone and seems to be enjoying it. Myself, I picked up a telephoto lens to try out.

Here’s the re-run of the hangout on air. Be sure to click that like and subscribe button.  If you’re interested in joining community, click here to request an invite. Thanks for watching!


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