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Black and White Fundamentals: Point and Shoot January 29, 2015


Ever felt like getting your Ansel Adams on? By that I mean shooting black and white photography with your mobile phone. I have moments when I venture out to take smartphone photography and feel the need to process the photos to black and white. Some come out great, some not so great. This week on Point and Shoot we discuss the fundamentals of black and white photography as it was the challenge theme of the week. There’s more to it than just a black and white filter. The Smartphone Photographers Community panel discussed these details. The panel included Deborah Walmer-Basembe, Michael King, Michael Portis, Joey Kelly and Mike Sweeney.

With regards to the challenge, we did have a winning photo. Check out the work of Timothy McCusker using his OnePlus One smartphone.


Image credits Timothy McCusker

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